Dahlia " Lavender Perfection"


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Lavender Perfection’ has striking, lavender flowers, perfect for the late summer garden. This gorgeous perennial is vigorous and fast growing with 8-10″ dinnerplate size blooms.  It is heat resistant and makes a superb cut flower.  Your dahlias will bloom the first year, adding a lovely spot of color from mid-summer until frost.  They are a welcome addition to the garden late in the season when other flowers are fading.  Dahlias are stunning in the flower border or container garden.

Planting Instructions: Plant Dahlias in well-drained soil in a sunny location. Dig a hole 3-4" deep. Set the tuberous root firmly in place. Cover the tuberous root with soil and water thoroughly. Supply ample moisture and fertilizer during the growing season. When the plant reaches 1-1/2' in height, trim entire plant to 1'. In about two weeks trim the plant again back to about 1-1/2'. This will encourage your Dahlia to produce an abundance of flowers. Remove all spent flowers.