The Beginner Beekeeper Kit


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If you are just starting this adventure, we understand that the start-up with equipment can be intimidating.  Let us help you with your start up for a single colony.  This kit includes: 
  • 2 deep brood boxes
  • Deep assembled frames (plastic foundation)
  • 1 medium super 
  • medium assembled frames (plastic foundation)
  • Metal queen excluder
  • Solid inner cover
  • telescopic outer cover
  • Solid bottom board
  • bee jacket the ultimate mesh pro
  • gloves
  • hive tool (style and color may be different from picture)
  • smoker (may vary from picture)

We recommend you visit our Feed and Nutrition Page and select a method to feed your new hive as this kit DOES NOT include a Feeder.  If you have questions on what type of feeder may be right for you, give us a call or send a message from this site.  We will gladly help!

Jacket Size: Jacket Size Small
Glove Size: Gloves Small
Equipment size: 10 frame