Oxalic Acid 175 Gram Pack


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Api-Bioxal is an oxalic-based Varroa mite knock-down treatment developed specifically for honey bees. It is officially registered by the USDA and approved by the EPA.

It can be used for dribbling (solution), sublimation or spraying (on package bees); and can be stored for up to 5 years.


  • The EPA recently established an exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for residues of oxalic acid on honey and honeycomb. 
  • This regulation eliminates the need to establish a maximum permissible level on these commodities for residues of oxalic acid. Consequently, it is now authorized to use Api-bioxal year-round, including when honey supers are in place. 


  • Api-bioxal can be used multiple times a year, from spring to winter, in colonies with little to no brood, even when honey supers are on
  • Treating in the presence of brood does not allow to reach full efficacy as the knock-down will only target mites on adult bees
  • It is possible to obtain brood-free colonies during the season naturally (at very high temperatures when the queen stops laying eggs) or artificially by removing brood comes, splitting the colonies or caging the queens

Why use Oxalic Acid? 

  • Using a registered mite treatment means that the formulation has been strictly controlled to guarantee:
    • The safety of beekeepers handling Api-bioxal
    • Good tolerance of the treatment by the bees
    • High standards for hive product consumer protection
  • Treating against varroa is necessary to keep honey bee colonies healthy and strong
  • Making sure that treatments will not harm consumers of the hive products or the environment is just as important