Nucleolus (NUC) 5 Frame 2024 Season


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These Nucs are kept and sold in a five frame wooden DEEP nuc box, migratory lid, and solid bottom board.

Due to the potential for contamination, we do not allow personal bee equipment/hives into our apiaries.

NUCs are non-refundable once order is placed. Beekeeping is a window into nature; and bees are fundamentally an agriculture livestock product. Therefore, no guarantees are offered or implied after the bees are received. This includes both livability and/or sustainability to the entire product and/or queen. Upon confirming your order, you are acknowledging our hold-harmless policy: BRAWES Bee Farm L.L.C is not liable for damages, nor to any loss or harm you may experience in your attempt to established a colony.

Weather depending, NUCs will start to leave our farm towards the beginning of MAY 2024, in the order that orders were received. You will be contacted approximately one week in advance with your pick-up date/time information.  

A copy of our North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Apiary Division Permit to Sell Bees is available upon request.

NUCS must be picked up at the Farm.  Customers seeking a bulk order of NUCS (10+) should contact us by phone at (910) 330-6786 for pricing and availability.